Postgraduate Projects

Worm 3D 2011 - Created by Unity 3D (Just click onto the image to play it)

**Please note that you must install Unity Plug-in to play the game. Just go to** 



Targa 2010 - 3D shooting game with Mouse and Keyboard control support

(Developed in C# Programming Language using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008)



An Easy Way of Paying a Computer Game (Dissertation Project) - Includes 3rd Person Camera

which can be controlled by using a Nintendo Wiimote supplied with 3D  Environmental  Sound Effects

(All interactions are developed using Quest3D VR Edition 4.0.0 & 3D environment is designed using

Google Sketchup Pro 7)


Link to download my Dissertation Project Report




Other Published Projects

This is another website designed by me. It's the official website of a famous bicycle company in Cyprus.




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